Scam Broker Black List 1

Tue Aug 27, 2019 6:28 am
avatar  Forex

Website option888. "Real-time trades - uncomplicated payouts" states on this page, with just a few clicks, the Forex account is opened, "for free and in just a few minutes". Anyone who completes their registration with such a dubious trading platform runs the risk of being caught in a novel, systematic Internet fraud scam. The invested money stays mostly with the alleged broker - from payments to the customer is rarely heard.

As many investors describe, the mesh they are lured to these trading platforms is often similar. Initially, a small starting capital of usually 200 euros or dollars is required. How the investment works, the online retailers do not explain. Users report that they then made some very high profits and a "personal broker" convinced them to make even more profits with higher deposits. As soon as a higher sum has been entered into the account of the trading platform, the problems begin. The disbursement of credits is delayed, the brokers are then usually no longer available. Or the forex providers are bothering consumers who want to quit the trade with phone calls.

A correct imprint consumers look for the websites of these platforms mostly in vain. A review of the Internet domains also shows that behind different platforms, the same backers stuck. The fact is that the providers transfer the funds to various accounts abroad, that the operators of the trading platforms change frequently and that the offices are often offshore mailbox addresses. Consumers thus have no chance to get back their money.


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