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Sat Aug 31, 2019 3:24 am
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Beginners in foreign exchange trading can lose all their assets within seconds. That's why a demo account is the best way to learn how Forex trading works without directly risking your own capital. Almost all major brokers offer the option of a free demo account.


The foreign exchange market never sleeps, as the time difference permanently causes new foreign exchange and exchange rates to be determined on world markets. Therefore, forex investors have to keep an immense amount of data in view, which is constantly changing.

If you do not want to completely lose track, you need good and clear information and analysis tools such as charts, curves or price charts. Many Forex brokers provide their clients with a variety of these tools on their platforms.


If you entrust your capital to a broker, you should make sure that it can be reached quickly and easily when questions and problems arise. Nobody would like to For example, after a data theft or forgetting of personal data, you can play a "ping-pong" for days or wait a long time in a waiting loop.
Personal advice, support via phone or chat, and a fast response rate are some of the features that make a good forex broker.


For newbies in the FX market, it would be a real challenge to want to survey all facets of the global currency market at once. That's why many brokers offer a training and education offer that is mostly free and can include: Live trading and video tutorials.


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