#1 Bladerunner Forex Strategy by Forex 27.08.2019 01:18


The Bladerunner Forex Strategy compares the current price with the target value as determined by the indicator. The discrepancy allows traders to set entry and exit points for each trade. The name of the strategy comes from the fact that it shares the course like a knife blade - and as a reference to the eponymous science fiction film from 1982.

The Bladerunner strategy only breaks the price, combining the candle tips, pivot points and support and resistance points to find new opportunities. Before you can apply the Bladerunner strategy, you need to make sure there is a market trend. Typically, traders combine the Bladerunner strategy with the Fibonacci points to validate their strategy and provide some more security in trading.

The strategy uses an exponential moving average (EMA) over a 20-day period or the central line of the Bollinger Band indicator (described above). If the price is higher than the EMA, this is considered a signal for an early negative price development. If the price falls below the EMA instead, it is a signal of positive development in the near future.

A trader would wait until the price movement reaches the EMA, where the theory predicts a course rally.

The first candle tip that touches the EMA is called a "signal candle". The second candle that leaves the EMA is called "Confirmation Candle". To take advantage of the receding rate, a trader would open his order at that point.

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